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Delicious Fish Fillets

Fillet is heart healthy and cholesterol free. From local Counter to favorite dinning spot, ask for Sizzler’s Fish Fillet by name.

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Fish Cutlets, Fish Balls, Fish Fingers

Competitive processing of fish item takes experience and expertise- Sizzler’s has both. We have a long experience of supplying complete, advanced processing plant for our food products.

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Our Other Concerns

Rice Mill, Flour Mill, Fish Culture, Cow Farming, Goat, Duck, Deshi Chicken, Vegetable

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The Highest quality selection perfect for all occasions

Our Premium Products

Fish Fillets

Health Benefits:
Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Lowers your cholesterol, Lowers Triglyceride level, Promotes weight loss, Increases your Focus, Improves vision, Eliminates joint pain, Improves bring Function in Pregnant women and Babies and many more.

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Fish Cutlets

Health Benefits:
Sizzler’s Fish Ball is a good source of Protein, and low in fat & calories. Fish ball are also good source of vitamin and minerals, including Omega- 3 fatty acid. Omega-3 is beneficial for heart, and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Fish ball has low saturated fat and cholesterol.

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Fish Ball

Health Benefits:
Important nutrients found in our Fish fingers including protein, Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D. All of Which help to keep our bodies as they should.

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Fish Fingers

Health Benefits:
For those who love Fish, Fish cutlet are an ultimate snack for any time. Light on the stomach, and easy to digest. Fish cutlet are also rich is Omega-3 fatly acid, provides protein, Vitamin-D.

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About Sizzler's

Sizzler’s is your market leading partner from start to finish. Beginning with through evaluation of the fish selection, production needs of an item, we ensure the processing capacity and finish products are strictly in accordance with the individual requirement of each of our product.

In a market place we know how important it is to be particularly alternative and accurate during our initial analysis of your (Customer) needs.

Currently we are able to deliver only in Dhaka city. Interested party out of Dhaka can contact for bulk only. Please call us at 01745689000

Premium Quality Food

Home Delivery Dhaka

Loyal, Returning Customers

Prioritize Hygiene

Made with highest grade Basa Fish; our choice Range brings you great taste and exciting verities to turn each bite into a delightful experience period.

We take pride in successful installation and test of our equipment followed up by training our employs in operating and maintaining the food quality.

Why Choose Our Products?

  • The only fish fillets produced in Bangladesh and approved by science laboratories.
  • 100% chemical free, hygienic, healthy and safe.
  • No bad odor.
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