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About Sizzler's

Sizzler’s is your market leading partner from start to finish. Beginning with through evaluation of the fish selection, production needs of an item, we ensure the processing capacity and finish products are strictly in accordance with the individual requirement of each of our product.

In a market place we know how important it is to be particularly alternative and accurate during our initial analysis of your (Customer) needs.

We take pride in successful installation and test of our equipment followed up by training our employees in operating and maintaining the food quality.

Competitive processing of fish item takes experience and expertise- Sizzler’s has both. We have a long experience of supplying complete, advanced processing plant for our food products.

Our valuable experience enables us to offer thoroughly tested turn-key solutions based on continuous research and development of new technology for the next Generation of Sizzler’s.


Leading food trend; always innovating and improving.


To Become a world class Brand in Food Industry

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